Face to Face with Mortality


God’s great promise of eternal life we have heard so many times, especially during the Easter Season. It is a basic tenet of our faith. However, so often we tend to be very superficial and grow complacent about death and eternal life. I know I was – until God jolted me with a “wake-up call” way back in March 2000.

I went to a doctor for treatment of a recurring hyperacidity condition and was scheduled for various routine tests. The ultrasound was normal but the gastroscopy showed three lumps in my stomach lining. The next day a CT scan didn’t find the lumps but saw a 2×1 cm. mass in my liver.

Suddenly without warning I was faceto- face with my own mortality, with the prospect of a dread disease and imminent death … and I found I wasn’t as prepared for it as I had thought I was! (Are we ever really, really prepared for our death?)

I asked myself, am I ready and willing to give an accounting to God of the great love He has given me? Have I truly been an anchor of love to my family and friends?

These were and still are hard questions to have to instantly answer – like leisurely coming to class several weeks before exam time and having the professor suddenly announce that he will give the final exam that morning and the result will be your final grade, determining whether you pass or fail the course, and whether or not you will graduate or flunk out! No cramming allowed! Was I ready to meet my Creator face to face?

Prayer chains were activated with family and friends besieging heaven with their prayers. And God heard and answered. My liver scan the following day was clear. Even the doctors in conference were unable to explain. A miracle, praise God!

God in his unfathomable mercy and grace had rescheduled my final exam and had given me the opportunity to prepare more thoroughly for it!

Every and each Holy Week and Easter Season reminds us of the different attitudes toward sin and death. And we are given yet another chance to ask ourselves the hard questions: Are we ready and willing to give an accounting to God of the great love He has given us? Have we truly been an anchor of love to our family and friends? Are we ready to meet our Creator face to face?

Each day becomes a new adventure and a new opportunity to grow in His love and to share His love with others.

Each day becomes a rehearsal for heaven! Not just this Easter Season but throughout the year… every day of our lives.