Excess salt intake


Table salt is composed of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. We need salt to live but cooks put it in so many foods it can cause health problems. And then the salt shaker sets on the table and says Let’s Put On More! It can become like an addiction, and some people will just crave more and more.

The first thing we might experience with excess salt is bloating, an unusual uncomfortable pressure in the stomach, along with bellyache.

Sometimes too much salt will cause swelling such as puffy eyes and swollen wrists. This is called edema.

One of the most serious problems with salt is increased blood pressure. HBP can cause weekend arteries or heart and kidney problems.

And another thing that can happen is a foggy brain —— an inability to focus your thoughts. Also, some people say they feel tired.

Kidney stones are also a problem.

That’s because high amounts of sodium can significantly disturb your kidney function by affecting the kidney’s ability to eliminate the excess water through osmosis. In addition, too much salt can increase the concentration of calcium in your urine, forming crystals which eventually become kidney stones.