Esther’s heroism is woman power


Think of it: no job, no responsibility, no cooking, no clean-up, no washing, no ironing, no errands, no budget-watching, no holding back in any area. Imagine! Pampered and indulged, in this self-centered harem of Persia, all of the emphasis rests upon her becoming a woman of greater physical beauty. Jewelry, clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, whatever she wishes from coiffure to pedicure, are hers. The only thing on everyone’s mind is to win the contest – to please the king and gain his favor. Remember, at this time, Esther cannot be more than 20 years old or so, and she could have been younger. This a chance of a lifetime for her to have whatever she wishes. Instead, she remains true to what she has been taught and abides by the counsel of Mordecai, believing that he knows what is best for her. She does not succumb to the temperature around her – the superficiality, the selfishness, the seduction, the self-centeredness. She displays an unselfish modesty, an authenticity, amid unparalleled extravagance. She knew who she was. She knew what she believed. And she knew that God’s hand was on her life. – Charles Swindoll

I know the power that obedience has of making things easy which seem impossible. – Teresa of Avile

Character check

You can’t pick all your authority figures. Buy have you thought about choosing one or two who are willing to invest themselves in your life, people you can trust to advise you well?