Enforcers buy-bust P10.2 Million shabu

It’s getting bigger and bigger by the day

The latest drug haul in Dumaguete city and Negros Oriental has now reached P10.5Million mark in one bust. This means that the illegal drug  trade is well on the way and is not (yet) getting any lesser.

Just when the week started, drug enforcers in a combined team swooped down into San Jose town and busted a prospective illegal drug dealer of 1.5kilos of shabu with a street value of P10.2Million .

This came close to the heels to the  offer of Pres Duterte to Vice President Robredo of his role in  curbing the illegal drug trade in the country. Robredo rejected the president’s offer for her to take over the drug war the way she thinks .

Instead, the opposition counter-offered a”package deal’ asking Duterte to step down and hand over the last three years to VP Robredo which  was not only rejected but ignored by the palace.

Raid padayun

The following is the report of the combine drug buy-bust team as reported by media pool news coverage team

“1.5 Kilograms of Shabu Seized in Negros Oriental

At around 7:10 p.m., on October 28, 2019, joint elements of PIB/SOG, PDEU led by PLT Allen June Germodo, PDEU NOPPO, PDEA RO VII – Negros Oriental Team led by IA I Jan Keith Capili under the direct supervision of Provincial Officer IA I Gladys Grace Cruz and San Jose Police Station conducted a buy-bust operation in Brgy. Siapo, San Jose, Negros Oriental, leading to the confiscation of P10,200,000 worth of suspected shabu and the arrest of 1.

The suspect was identified as Denaquiel Ciano y Aran of Sitio Guilunsuran, Brgy. Siapo, San Jose, Negros Oriental.

Confiscated during the operation were nineteen (19) heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets of suspected shabu weighing more less 1.5 kilograms, buy-bust money, one(1) roll aluminum foil, two(2) digital weighing scales, lighter, empty plastic sachets, wallet, cash aWhy nd plastic container.

Cases for  of Sections 5 and 11, Article II of RA 9165 will be filed against the suspect.

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Director General Aaron N Aquino

Philippine Information Agency – Region 7

—end of report—

Why is the war on drugs seemingly going unabated?  Most analysts say because of the following possible reasons:

The top drug suppliers in the country is still on the loose. What is keeping the authorities from  cracking the main drug artery in the country?  Intelligence lapses? Or simply in ability to crack them down?  If not deliberately?

Second : drug re-cycling:  how will the people know that the right amount of drug busted is accurately reported?  How will the people know if the arrestors or anyone is keeping some of the loot and later re sold into the black market for a lesser but still high price?  You mean drug recycling is only in Manila and not in the provinces?

Third: there should be no lights off in all jails of the country so that the night will be bright inside all cells so no repacking of drugs can possibly be made….how much more recycled drugs…

Mole in all corners:  how come in most drug raids inside jails, only drug paraphernelia are caught and never the hot drugs?   How can drug paraphernalia exist without the drugs?  Are these drugs deliberately hidden, or they finders simply  cannot find or just looking the other way?

Unless the no-lights off inside jails are implemented, there will always be a possibility of repacking of drugs inside jails at night,  all over the country considering the hundreds of drug accessories   being  found inside jails. There must be a mole in the hole.