Effective ways to develop your brain


Scientific studies by physiologists and psychologists have proven that like muscle tissues, the human brain could also be developed in terms of increasing its mental capabilities through a process of “mental calisthenics”. American researchers who experimented the brain of animal like chimpanzees and children with average I.Q. have tremendously improved their learning abilities and intellectual performances after subjecting them to a series of repetitive mental exercises such as various problems or puzzle solving, spelling difficult words, memorizing poems, and other mental stimulations. Even the average brains of aged people who are not seriously sick with irreversible dementia like Alzheimer’s disease could still be helped improve in learning worthwhile activities and prevent rapid mental deterioration.

Many of the well-known personalities in world history accomplished their greatest personal achievements in their advanced age. For instance, the famous satirist, George Bernard Shaw of Britain, was 91 years old when he wrote his famous play “Pygmalion”, but he regretted that life is wasted on the young.” Claude Monet, the French painter was in his 80s when he painted his beautiful “Water Lilies.” Sigmund Freud made valuable writings on psychoanalysis in his 80s. Great Greek philosophers and writers like Plato and Homer have done their works in their old age. And scores of famous men and women have self-actualized themselves in their “Golden Years.”

Here are some effective techniques in exercising and developing the brain:

• Get into a profitable hobby like writing, painting, pet-raising, teaching etc.
• Play games that challenge your acumen, like cross-word puzzle, chess, card games, mahjong, etc.
• Try to compose a song, a jingle, a riddle, a joke etc.
• Increase your vocabulary by consistently learning 5 to 10 new words every day.
• Memorize a new song, a poem, or a great quotation or passage from famous books.
• Memorize them well, and recite them when you are taking a bath or exercising.
• Make it a habit to read a selected best seller or a pocket book or any informative piece of literature, like Reader Digest or spiritual book like the Holy Bible.

If you are really determined to slow down the ravages of aging, then it is so essential to devote a precious time to EXERCISE YOUR GOD-GIVEN BRAIN and you’ll be happy that appreciative and discerning people will notice your terrific memory and sharp acumen of many of worthwhile personal achievements in history even in your advancing years. Believe me you’ll not regret it!