Duterte won’t resign; nor will he step down


Guihulngan ever since the pre martial law days of Marcos has been a very aggressive, assertive community it cannot be controlled with a hard fist. It is the bulwark of freedom and so the killings continue because government we think has not been able to address its people’s needs.

Last week four more killings with one survivor. The military is not fully doing its job of gaining people to the government side because they are also angry after six of their policemen were murdered there. So the killings continue and the needs of the people for a better life is not addressed. Just like the sleepy town of La Libertad. We don’t know what their leaders are doing, nor going because then solon even abstained from choosing the new speaker.

WE believe President Duterte will not resign and that his apparenet “endorsements” simply became counter productive by those whom he “left out.” He was just saying the opposite. He thinks Marcos will not win the protest and Chiz like many young qualified may be winnable only as senators. Digong apparently wants his daughter to succeed him. He is a poker player with a face. But we doubt when he is gone, can Sarah survive the harsh political climate. Duterte can only pick up a successor as long as he is still alive. Without him, we doubt if his “pets” will still be around. Such is Philippine politics , they all abandon ship once the captain is gone. Look at the LP and now the PDP.

Duterte’s choice (kono) ‘nya people’s choice ba? MARCOS – ESCUDERO

We never understood the Pantawid Program before, until this week when we interviewed advocates that money instead of going to corruption is better channeled to the poor hoping that they can realize and be put to good use the money assistance monthly of P1300 for school, food and health. Some 65,000 beneficiaries from Negros Oriental have now been elevated from mere survival beings to sustainable families.

First time in the 117th year of the Sibulan airport since the Americans bombed Sibulan airstript as a Japanese airport in l946, did a passenger plane suffer a blow tire. Why, its technicians should have checked the tires before flying. It only goes to show that its management needs much room for improvement and monitoring.

Ten flights were cancelled that day. Flights to and from Cebu, Manila, Davao and Cagayan—from Dumauguete. Anyhow, our hotels benefited from it.

Before the end of this month there will be again more “holidays”one can ever imagine. Why does government tolerate a lot of holidays? Nothing is done during holidays but of course family and bonding with friends. In other countries, nobody notices anniversary of dead heroes are holidays. We can remember their heroic feats without making it a holiday my goodness!

DARO is the next progressive barangay in the city. By Christmas, a massive commercial an convention hotel complex shall start its three-year venture by John and John Ventures of Manila.Kudos to Mayor Remollo who surely must have influenced those investors to come. (see page 1 story.)There will be a 200-room hotel, 2000- seater auditorium and convention hall; commercial store lineups, McDonalds and may Burgr King. This complex is envisioned to open 24 hours by most of it stores.

Daro , the age old kolonan area, is againi joining the alive-league at night.

That 16,334 were arrested for various traffic violations is indicative that those highway patrol cops were doing their jobs. We hope that the replacement of Robi Mariano will come at part to is predecessors’ performance.

We congratulate the initiators of the Pantawid Pamilya Program of the Philippines PPPPs for going the extra mile of providing economic incentives to the poor families of the country. IN Negros Oriental, some 65,000 families were elevated from the status of “survivors to subsistence” families who can now start availing of government livelihood capital for assistance when before, it was a tok-tok-tuka (hand-to-mouth) kind of existence. Now only 500 survivors are left and the government is ready to give same benefits to the next batch of poor people.

We say Pantawid is better than Welfare state abroad since the former will need to work and accomplish something while the latter does nothing but line up and eat a free hot meal.