Duterte not inclined to proclaim Martial Law for Philippines

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is not inclined to proclaim Martial Law unless he will do a Marcos by simulating a situation that will “necessitate” its declaration nationwide. But does he have foreign backing? The foot soldiers may be his, but the generals? And the mass of people? Does the United Nations support Duterte if he declares Martial law? President Duterte has more problems than Marcos now.

We have a jolly good joker in our President. Our two cents worth is for him to choose his lies and jokes at the right time and places, so he will not lose credibility. What if every time he makes a major pronouncement people will take it with a grain of salt until he confirms that he is not joking nor lying. That will be one for the book of Guinness.

Oppsss! Senator Koko Pimentel said it was only one account which Trillanes disproved Duterte… how about the other accounts, he asked? Well, Trillanes, how about the other accounts, go ahead and check it out baka may ma koy koy ka diha sa SINGA.

Shocking new mouth-blast from Duterte (joking or not we don’t know) he blasted on TV September 21, 2017 that “if my son is involved in drugs, patayin nyo.” We heard it many people heard it the nation heard it. Hello, Church, we think there’s a need for National Malacañang deliverance for the good of everybody. You can do it in all churches nationwide. How about it Mons Lito?