Dumaguete City to regulate parking boys

parking boys

DUMAGUETE CITY- If the proposed ordinance is passed, no persons shall engage in any informal parking attendants work without obtaining any authorization from the Traffic Management Office. Councilor Jose Victor Imbo has authored the proposed measure that seeks to regulate the growing number of so-called parking boys, who are dependent on the tips given by motorcycle owners, without proper identification and accountability.

Under the proposed ordinance, the TMO shall provide identification cards to the parking boys after they have completed seminars on traffic laws, courtesy and discipline, good grooming, if they pass the random drug tests and found qualified.

An informal parking attendant must be not less than 18-years-old, must not be afflicted by any contagious or infectious disease, not convicted of any crime, and must submit yearly police and barangay clearances. The ordinance will impose the following duties and responsibilities to parking boys: IDs must be worn at all times when working, must be neatly dressed, strictly follow traffic rules, inform parking violators, report to the TMO the time, and day of duty, contact number, address etc.  

Imbo is seeking a budget of P100, 000 annually for the proper and sustainable implementation of this ordinance.