Dumaguete City to close Candau-ay dumpsite & open sanitary landfill

DUMAGUETE CITY – In a bid to underscore his commitment to close Candau-ay dumpsite and for the establishment of a sanitary landfill, Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo has been meeting with the Technical Working Group to ensure that the twin projects will be done scientifically and in accordance to the standards of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Mayor Remollo earlier reported in a recent meeting with the delegation from the Environment Management Bureau led by Dr. Sophie Manuel that he is constantly in touch with the TWG, which he created and composed of volunteers, who are experts in the field of waste management.

The TWG is chaired by Councilor Manuel Arbon, who also chairs the Committee on the Environment in the City Council, co-chaired by Dr. Jorge Emmanuel. Other members of the TWG include Engr. Josephine Antonio, Merci Ferrer, City Agriculturist William Ablong, Engr. Stanley John Ebelewicz, Engr. Marlon Tanilon, among others.

However, closing down the Candau-ay dumpsite is easier said than done and could last for one-year as it requires a a series of activities in strict order: site clearing, fencing and closing; critical slope stabilization; drainage control system; leachate collection system; leachate treatment system; groundwater protection; re-grading and slope benches; gas management system; final soil cover; top cover vegetation; stockpiling of soil materials; preventive landscaping and long-term monitoring and maintenance.

Meanwhile, the typical steps in establishing a sanitary landfill involves: siting study screening; engineering studies in coordination with EMB and MGB, environmental and safety studies, economic analysis; stakeholder consultations; submission of recommended site to EMB and MGB; EMB and MGB review of exclusion and conditional criteria, issuance of report and recommendation; political and social acceptability, public hearing, issuance of resolutions; procurement; detailed engineering design and planning; environmental impact assessment issuance of ECCC; program of work; construction and commissioning of sanitary landfill; operation and monitoring/ maintenance.

Nevertheless, the TWG and Mayor Remollo vowed to work closely to attain the objectives of finally closing down the illegal dump site in Candau-ay and establishing a sanitary landfill.