Is Dumaguete City business-friendly?

DUMAGUETE CITY – City Councilors requested the city’s finance committee to produce facts and figures presented in graphs and tables that will indicate if Dumaguete City business-friendly or if businessmen losing or earning here.

Councilor Alan Cordova and Manuel Arbon would like to find out if the policies adopted and currently enforced are helping both the businessmen and the city to grow in terms of profit and revenues.

The request was made as the City Council is deliberating on whether to approve the proposed P 689 million annual budget for 2018 as embodied in the Annual Investment Program endorsed by the City Development Council.

By using comparative data in the previous years, the City Council will find out the trend if the volume and number of businesses and shops in the city are growing or declining due to a combination of reasons such as the collection of regulatory fees and taxes that has become confiscatory or increased competition.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has submitted a budget proposal of P 689 million for 2018 to support the programs, projects and activities that will promote basic services, which is higher by P 40 million if compared to the current year’s budget of P 649 million.

Mayor Remollo said that while the city is still dependent on the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) which amounts to P 429 million or 62% of the total proposed budget, still a substantial amount of P 266 million of 38% shall be derived from the revenues of local taxes.


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