Dumaguete Bay Market Opening

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DUMAGUETE CITY – A group of enterprising young entrepreneurs thought of developing and discovering rising and up-start industries in Dumaguete which may soon rise to become the future economic pillars of our communities.

Given a chance and recognition by both government and community, these start-up businesses , mostly in the food industry , are now selling and displaying their expertise at the boulevard area where the beach volleyball games and Batang Pinoy hostilities are being played.

For security reasons, the new DUMAGUETE BAY MARKET is now safely lodged by the City Mayor of Dumaguete inside the compound of the press club area at the boulevard. Soon it will be the hub of tourism oriented activities. It made it soft opening last Friday and will be open on Fridays thru Sundays, and on special occasions.

This event is a project of the City Government, and the area is registered under the City government.The city Mayor and City legislators are  now engaged in this project of discovering new up-starting  industries thru businessmen’s and the private sector’s  initiative and creativity.

Timely enough, the City Government has launched this in conjunction with the 69th Charter Day Anniversary of the City while small businesses  are giving income to the City and at the same time open the windows of  opportunity of being discovered and patronized by visiting investors , and soon the region  if not the nation.

It is also an opportunity for budding live bands and artists to display their talents and hope to be discovered  by patrons and investors who will eventually catapult them into the big-league.

Discover the business potentials of the silent majority. Starting small-time but going to become big-time… Patronize the Dumaguete Bay Market at the boulevard beach front. It’s a wholesome place to dine with the family if you want  good, affordable, and new gourmet of food and wholesome entertainment thru social media.

In fact, future events at the Dumaguete Bay Market will be beamed worldwide via cybernet.  Another enterprising group of investors  is handling this.

Investors and tourists  say,  and many agree, that  the Dumaguete Bay Market area is in fact the best place to relax in the whole stretch of the famous  Rizal boulevard 365 days a year.