Drones, CCTVs, motorbikes for delivery vs. crimes

DUMAGUETE CITY – Amid a recent spate of shootings, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo is beefing up the communication and logistical assets of the City PNP and support organizations to prevent or solve crimes.

Just recently, 50 hand held portable radio were distributed to the local police, Traffic Management Office and Special Enforcement Unit to equip their personnel with adequate communication device.

Before the month ends, the winning supplier will deliver 2 drones, 6 powerful motorbikes, 8 body cameras and 6 bullet proof vests, all brand new with the total cost of P2 million for the local PNP led by Supt. Jonathan Pineda. These purchases are just initial investments with more procurement planned for next year.

Meanwhile, the City Bids and Awards Committee received three proposals for lease of CCTV system with 350 high resolution cameras. Said multi-year proposals are now under evaluation to determine the best possible offer that the city can accept.

Mayor Remollo said that the purchase of initial two drones will be used to monitor major activities, traffic situation, crime detection, hot pursuit for suspects and even during disaster preparedness and response.

The two drones have the capacity to fly and get footage up to 19, 685 feet above sea level, equipped with satellite position system, infrared sensing system and triple vision system, among other features.

The 6 motorbikes of up to 250cc will be used for quick response and hot pursuit, the 8 waterproof night vision body cameras capable of producing photos of 16 megapixels will be utilized to ensure and establish the legitimacy of arrests and operations to protect human rights and finally the 6 brand new full body bullet proof vests capable of withstanding all types of hand guns will be utilized by the first responders in close combat.