Doctors warn against COVID-19 relapse cases

Give it to them: that is their passion: helping others survive and make life a little better , OUR FRONTLINERS are today’s heroes. What if life was without them, how could one survive the Coronavirus pandemic? It will be like reducing life into man’s primitive days.

Negros Oriental – Two prominent members of the Negros Oriental Medical Society  (NOMS) have expressed concern over the possible relapse of those “released and recovered” from what could be cases of COVID-19  in Negros Oriental and Dumaguete City, mainly because the virus is still within the body of the suspect , and could reactivate itself once the immune system of the body starts to weaken again.  As of today  there is  still no cure for  COVID19.

These in gist were the statements of two prominent city physicians of Dumaguete, namely, Dr. Julius Ligo, chief of clinical services of the Holy Child Hospital and the Silliman Medical Center; and Dr Geena Macalua-Labaco, oncologist at the Silliman University Medical Center (SUMC).

These statements came in the wake of queries whether those released by some local hospitals as having “recovered” are now free to go back to their usual daily grind.  Their answers were an emphatic “Not yet, please.”  These patients have yet to be constantly monitored, if not continue their home isolation because the virus, if any, as suspects of COVID19, are still alive within the body. They are not cured because there is no cure for COVID19 if so it is.    Once the immune system of the suspect becomes weak again because he is again up and about his usual grind,  he or she could go on a relapse and it could be worse , as in any relapse the doctors intimated.

So far DOH people here said there were only two confirmed cases of COVID19 and have died in a local hospital last March .  The two others who died were mere suspects and the results of  their RITM TESTS when it came back even if they were already dead,  proved negative.  It could be false negative, though, the doctors said.   But just the same, the patients died and is sad.

In an interview over BAI RADIO CROSS-TALK SHOW over DYEM FM, these are the following qutoes from Dr Ligo and Dr Labaco:

DR LIGO: “Covid 19 is a new disease for us all and maybe the strangest viral infection man has ever  known.  It has shown many of its characters, affecting almost all organ systems, even the skin and nails.  Also shown,  it could survive in the body even if a person has shown  signs of recovery  and developed anti bodies to it.  Whether  it might resemble HIV or Hepatitis B in its affectations to Man, we still do not know all for what it really is…..”


“Good morning sir Ely.

“The description for “recovered” now is getting two successive negative swabs from the nose and mouth….. Apparently this might not be a good basis because the virus might have been cleared in these areas but still present in the lungs or intestines.

“This virus affects the T cells ( same as HIV) in some individuals affecting the body’s ability to completely clear it. It might “reactivate” like chickenpox or might stay in the body like hepatitis B.

“So the dilemma pa gyud sa akong tan-aw sir Ely, we need to develop a very accurate  test that will determine if you have the virus or the anti-body AND we need to know which specimen like whether blood or urine etc and best at a certain phase of the disease.

“Mao na nga kita sir El, we can’t converge as a group pa gyud for the next 2 years or earlier, maybe…..( until we discover the real (medical, spiritual, or divine)  cure for COVID-19)

Thank you. —-GEENA”