After the war in Grenada, I was advising the Grenadian police. The area was secured by troops from the 82nd Airborne Division. One day a young paratrooper told me he was going to marry one of the local girls. I congratulated them and wished them both happiness. My young friend then added casually that he had been married nine times. I looked at him sadly and said, “Obviously Son, you do not understand the concept of marriage”

The Philippines and even the Pope are now considering allowing couples to get a divorce. I understand the arguments for divorce in the Philippines. Some of those arguments have some validity. Many couples are married in name only. This creates situations that can and often makes a mockery of their marriage vows.

One Filipina has been married some 23 years. After her husband gave her a sexual disease early in their marriage; he left her to pursue a life of drunken sexual debauchery. She, on the other hand, has spent 23 years alone. She is trapped by her faith in a failed marriage. She is unable to find a loving life partner as God intended.

Another Filipina married a wonderful Christian man. They have two beautiful children. He was a good father and a devoted husband. Except now he has left the church and has become a Muslim. She married a Christian man and now is forced into a Muslim lifestyle. This is not the life she agreed to share.

Another Filipino is married to a Filipina who is illegally married to a foreigner living abroad. The legal husband is here with their children. When asked how he feels about his wife sleeping with another man, his reply was, “As long as the checks keep coming, I do not care.” He of course is sleeping with other women. I can not believe this is a healthy lifestyle for anyone involved particularly the children.

I pray that if the Philippines legalizes divorce that it will be as a last resort; especially when children are involved. Divorce is painful enough for adults but it is horrendously painful for children. In America some 54% of first marriages end in divorce. Second marriages have a 62% divorce rate and third marriages have a shocking 71% divorce rate. In my humble opinion America has made it far too easy to get a divorce. I hope the Philippines will learn from America’s bad example.