Divorce issues and ideas


Recently, the Chronicle discussed new ideas about marriage and divorce raised on the Boy Abunda Show and by Mayor Remollo.

As an American retired here who went through the divorce process in America and watched many families being further injured by the misguided American court system, I can say adamantly not to copy American laws.

Whatever the Philippines decides to do, it must protect the people from lawyers taking advantage of people during their time of stress and separation. When people are angry, they will spend money wanting vengeance on the other party.

America’s unethical divorce system has become a type of legalized corruption costing the American people over 50 billion dollars a year. Not a penny of this goes to help the children, nor to create a kinder separation, nor for a possible reconciliation.

In my personal opinion, there should always be a separation of church and state. People should be married and divorced within the church. Premarital assets should be disclosed and those records could be guarded by the government or the church or both along with any gifts from the spouse. Money could be contributed into a fund, or records disclosed so that anytime the couple decides to separate, there is no fighting over money. Asset disclosure can be a routine part of the marriage. If there are professional counselors, mediators or pastors, and priests who are trained, they can help guide the couple into a friendly separation that is healthy for the children or reconcile. Some people live together in the family home even though they are separated.

Unfortunately in America and many other countries, they want to do it the angry way and the expensive way. If there is not a way to prevent corruption in the future, then the system should just stay the way it is.

However, people can help a wonderful wedding ceremony in many churches as a display of their spiritual union of love… without signing any documents with the government —— which really should not be involved with love in a spiritual union anyway.