Did NFA commit economic sabotage?


Did the National Food Authority NFA commit the non-bailable crime of economic sabotage if not plunder?

The issue is a whooping 5-billion pesos in budgeted NFA funds reserved to buy rice supply during lean months.

But as it stands, NFA seems not to have the money, resulting in the utter lack of NFA rice particularly in Zamboanga.

Thanks to Mayor Climaco who howled to high heavens, emergency rice buffer stocks arrived. But how long will it last? And how long will this contaminate the whole Mindanao, then Visayas if not Luzon?

What is the matter with NFA‘s noble role of being ready to supply affordable buffer staple in times of need?


The Commissioin on Audit COA found out that per audit of the rice agency, some P5-billion in supposed reserve fund as allocated by Congress in the national budget, was diverted to other purposes (which may not be illegal) but certainly technical malversation which is equally actionable.

P50 million lost is the minimum offense for nonbailable crime of plunder. How much more P5-billioin in diverted funds!

According to the COA audit report, the money which Congress allocated at P5-billioin reserve funds to buy rice during lean months, was diverted to pay :P2billion in maturing loans, and P3 billion in unauthorized and unprogrammed purchases.” As a result, when lean months came, and the smugglers sunk smuggled rice from the backdoor, the local traders consumed their stocks and the smuggled rice lorded it over which resulted into jacked up prices of the commodity.

That is why pala, when we interviewed the local NFA months before, they said that NFA has to borrow money to buy buffer stocks. This is not true after all, because there indeed was P5-billiona allocated for buffer stucks, but again, it was diverted to unauthorized purchases (whatever were bought) —after all NFA can borrow agaisnst future deposit using the IRA principle.

When the principal arrives, it will just be used to repay “maturing loans” which again will be“recycled“ to allow the borrower from the inside to re-loan, and who gets the commission? Ayyayayyyy! We don’t know. Really?

When we heard this report of the COA, we again sunk into our seats and said, hey,— this can happen to just any government agency wherein they can just borrow money (of course from a government bank where else?) against their own deposits, or spend the deposits, and collateralize the future budget to come, which is as good as future income, or a future IRA (Internal Revenue Allotment.)

Ho ho ho… we better check all government agencies with huge budgets. They can spend the money, borrow and use that money for the budget using the future budget next year as collateral, then when the budget is released, pay the maturing loans, and borrow again…..and obviously the money will go somewhere else.

We can just imagine President Duterte getting this kind of report. He gets exasperated and wants to resign because of just TOO WIDESPREAD CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT, anywhere you turn, corruption is everywhere.

We believe, this COA audit report of NFA is very revealing. It can happen to other government agencies. Our proof are LOCAL GOVERNMENTS LGUs who can borrow by the millions against future IRA which is still forthcoming. When it arrives, they repay their loans, then borrow again. That is why government is always saying “there is no money.” But in reality, the money was used/diverted in advance, and borrowed money was used to cover up the budget and repaid when the next allotment arrives…

Unbelievable……just unbelievable corruption!