DICT to monitor Telcos; Sibulan on high alert

Pursuant to its mandate of protecting the rights and welfare of consumers and business users in matters relating to ICT, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) will be monitoriong telco companies’ performance, in hopes of encouraging them to improve their services.

This info drive was launched in Dumaguete by DICT executives (see photo above) Frederick DC Amores, director of DICT Visayas Cluster 2 covering Cebu Bohol and Region 8; Manuel Padre, director for Visayas cluster 2 ; Ces Amanda, of IMPACT NG0 and Randy Bandiola of ICT /Dumaguete Council (right)

Project BASS or Bandwidth and Signal Statistics provides a free mobile app that measures the bandwidth provided by telco companies and internet service providers through crowdsourcing data from the app users.

Through BASS, the DICT can now determine the internet service experience per municipality. “The key question here is: What is the bandwidth experience in each municipality? We have that data and now DICT has access to that same data. They can now drill down to any municipality in the country.

The monitoring will also intensify the awareness of telco companies and internet service providers on the need for faster and more reliable internet connection, and encourage them to improve their true level of service. This is in accordance with “Hawthorne Effect” where telcos are expected to improve their services, knowing that they are being monitored by the consumers.

Any app user regardless of time and location can submit its gathered data to Project BASS for consolidation. The integrated data will be published at the DICT website through a widget to be developed by the Department.

Sibulan PNP continues to be on heightened alerte for possible enetry of illegal drugs thru the shorelines fronting the Cebu island.

This was disclosed by PSI Enreque Kilnet Asonio, chief of police of Sibulan and P02 Joemil Malipaonon, police civil relations.

Speaking thru Crosstalk over DYEM BAI RADIO Asonio said that his unit is aware of the possible entry of drugs that is why they are now doubling their efforts in their anti drug campaign.

Malipaonon also said that the campaign info drive in schools continue so as to shield the youth from the influence of illegal drugs.—30—