Dawn fire gulps14 classrooms at Dumaguete City High School

17 CLASSROOMS BURNED IN CITY-HI—City firemen battle 14 classrooms in vain at the City High school Thursday during a dawn fire under heavy summer drizzle.


Over 500 high school students at the City High School in Calindagan will have to shift venue of their classes tomorrow, and for the next many months this year, because just as classes resumed 14 of their 17-Marcos type classrooms were leveled by a daw fire last Thursday.

New lady Fire Marshall Sr. F/Ins Heidi Lyn R. Virtrudes, said the fire investigation is still in progress. Fire Operations chief Edwin Nazareno said the exact damage and case of the fire is still being probed. All they still have are theories.

A heavy downpour at the time of the fire could have triggered a short circuit that created a spark and then a fire which simply swept through the 1960-ventage seventeen (17) Marcos type classrooms.

The bad news is, some 500 high school students will have to hold classes inside the City High gymnasium in two sessions maybe for the rest of the year.

According to Principal Aldin Rabina from Liloan, Cebu Monday on her final sentimental journey as Speaker. She visited three of the Roro ports built during her time as President in Sibulan Negros Orieintal, southern Cebu namely Taloot port in Argao and Liloan port in Santander.

She then crossed to Dumaguete City on board a Roro vessel using the Liloan to Sibulan port in Dumaguete on board the Matiao Shipping barge managed by Dante Matiao. In the late afternoonn she flew back to Manila on board a special plane.

She said she is happy that the Roro project has been revived by the present adminstration and that she is extremely delighted and honored to have helped in lowering the cost of goods, boosting tourism and facilitating travel around the country through the Roro System which she established when she was President in 2003.

There are currently 140 Roro routes all over the country servicing millions of passengers and cargo handlers.

She also went to Cebu and Dumaguete to personally thank them for the support during her entire political career.

‘Since I’m ending my term as Speaker, I’d like to give a little recollection about the times when you helped me so much in my political career. When I ran the first time for senator in 1992, we were 24 seats up for election. I was number 13, in the middle. But here in Cebu, even if it’s the first time I ran, I was number seven. So I thank you very much for that. Of course, I’ve always kept coming to Cebu. Si Serge (Remonde) ang station manager sa DYLA. Ug kanunay ga-interview siya kanako kanunay sa Cebuano. And that’s why I think after that dili na number seven ang akong rating diri. Number one sa senador, landslide sa vice president, ug landslide sa president nitong 2004,” she said.

“So I’m really, really very grateful to the people of Cebu and Negros Oriental . And so I decided that in one of my last trips before I end my term as Speaker, I will be here to say thank you so much for all your support,” she ended.

In a briefing before Speaker Arroyo in Argao, Cebu Monday, Director Marc Pascua of the MARINA said that as a result of her initiatives as Speaker arising from the House’s oversight functions, a total of 19 new missionary Roro routes were established in different parts of the country this year.

Four of the 19 are already operational while 15 are just waiting for the arrival of the vessels that will service the routes. It was also revealed that nine more new missionary routes will be offered based on the recommendation of the shipping Industry.

Speaker Arroyo had made use of the Lower House’s oversight functions to determine if laws and existing projects are properly implemented. The 19 new ports were presented during the Oversight hearings by the Marina. Speaker Arroyo pushed for the implementation of the new routes.