Daily requirements for worthwhile living


Good philosophers and people who value life have come up with sensible guidelines and daily requirements for living. What then are the most important elements or factors that make our life worth living?

1. Love – Without it, we cannot survive. This incorporates love between man and woman and the psychological and spiritual love of mankind, which is the foundation upon which we build the Brotherhood of Man.

2. Security – There is a need for financial security, but there is also a great need for emotional and spiritual security within oneself that will provide peace of mind.

3. Self-expression – We need to do something creative in this world instead of being just idle bystanders.

4. Recognition – We must feel acceptance by others, but first we must find acceptance within ourselves and recognition of our own self-worth.

5. Self-respect – More than anything else, we should value self-respect and the respect of others and for others.

6. Sharing happiness with others – Man should value his capacity to give. Young people must be taught this value. It is one of the valuable assets in a happy life.

7. Involvement – This is one of the essential requirements for people of all ages. Seek to help others who need your courage, your understanding and your good will.

8. The art of relaxation – We need to get rid of our tensions and recharge our creative energies for peace and calmness.

9. Reaching our goals – It is through reaching our daily goals that we also reach our personal success and maturity.

10. Rising above a mistake – We must learn to see the errors in our daily life and we must learn to