Dad eyes housing for city employees

Hundreds of national and local government employees, who are without their own homes or home lots, may soon be provided their own decent shelter should the proposed ordinance of Councilor Nelson Patrimonio is passed and funded.

Patrimonio observed that there are several employees who do not have their own homes or land and are just renting thus the need to alleviate their condition.

Under his ordinance, the lands purchased or to be purchased by the city government can also be utilized as housing sites for regular/permanent employees.

Those landless who are presently renting houses and apartments will be the first priority while the second priority are those who own houses but whose lands are not their own as certified by the Office of the Assessor and Registry of Deeds.

The beneficiary should pay a monthly amortization to be collected by the city government payable over a specific period of time including penalty for delayed payments.

Based on the proposed ordinance, lots awarded including any fixed improvements therein shall not be transferable, except on the following circumstances: by way of hereditary succession; execution of a Deed of Absolute Sale between the City Government and the beneficiary- awardee upon full payment of the purchase price; any contract entered into by the beneficiary awardee for the purpose of selling, transferring, renting or otherwise disposing of his/her rights on the awarded housing unit or home lot to another party, without the written consent of the City Government, shall be declared as null and void and if beneficiary- Awardee fails to occupy the awarded housing unit or home lot after the lapse of three (3) months from the time of the award, shall be considered to have forfeited his/her right to said housing unit or home lot.