COVID19 relapse is worse enemy


The good news is that  hundreds may  have “recovered” from  the COVID19 hospital confinement and quarantine who may now be  back  to their homes in many parts of the country…

But the bad news is, COVID-19 VIRUS IS STILL ALIVE inside the body of patients  who may have “recovered” from  their hospital confinement or quarantine because:

The VIRUS IS NOT YET TOTALLY KILLED INSIDE THE BODY   and might relapse because the ex patients’  immune system is still weak and may fall into a relapse if  his or her   immunity weakens anew.

Therefore , the guard against the pandemic continues even more vigorously and vigilantly especially  after hospital confinement in the ICU or the 14-day asymptomatic quarantine..

As many doctors warn:  the relapse could be more disastrous. The fall could be steeper so to speak.

Information from the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) doctors  team says :

Within one  year  the close kins and relatives will still  have to keep your distance, or  do not meet or eat together with people who have contracted Covid-19 because the Virus could still be hibernating within the body of the ex patient. It could relapse when the immunity gets weak again.

People  must continue to  have an understanding of self-protection, do not be careless.

(I)         Body surgery shows:

  1. COVID-19 could be a combination of SARS + AIDS. Many doctors assume, patients who have been discharged from the hospital, their   nucleic acid test returned positive, this is not a recurrence, but ex patient  has simply not fully recovered. This has to do with the characteristics of COVID-19. Virus.
  2. The immune system is almost completely damaged. SARS only attacks the lungs, does not attack the body’s immunity. AIDS attacks the body’s immunity. While the damage to the organs of COVID-19 patients is like SARS + AIDS.
  3. Acute lung organ damage is the leading cause of death for SARS sufferers. While death due to COVID-19 is caused by “failure of many organs”.

(III) The chairman of the major illness department of the Zhong Nan Hospital of Wuhan University, Prof. Peng Zhi Yong, after performing a body surgery, led the team to discuss the following:


  1. Patients who have been discharged from the hospital, the results of blood tests show that the lymphocyte index does not return to normal levels, the patient’s immune system does not fully recover.
  2. The nucleic acid examination of patients who have recently been discharged from the hospital, is negative, but the immune system is very bad, does not return intact. After leaving the hospital, it will easily return to be positive.
  3. This condition is similar to hepatitis B patients, who in the long run will store the virus in their body.
  4. FURTHER STUDY: Now there is a need to investigate the patient’s body that stores the Covid-19 virus whether it can transmit it to other people.

(III) Doctors who are in the vanguard of healing, state:

  1. Previously there was concentration in first aid for Covid-19 patients. As more and more patients “get well” and leave the hospital, it is necessary to shift focus to the problem of regulating patients who are discharged from the hospital.
  2. Prof. Peng Zhi Yong said:” We will explore them next year, the changes that occur in patients who have been discharged from the hospital, the virus that is still stored in his body can be contagious, whether it affects the people around him.”
  3. In this case, the war against Covid-19 is far from final.

So it is recommended: for at least the next year, ex patients who have been discharged , who  out of   the house must still wear a mask, try to avoid people

+gathering or staying out  in public lest the virus may still be with him and might contaminate others.

This is the latest caution to those close contacts of those  recently  released from the hospital  due to confirmed or suspected COVID19 incidents