COVID positive on ventilator at SUMC; Ipe-Roel ban gathering

The first  Negrense to  be diagnosed as COVID19 POSITIVE is on  ventilator, and in critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit of the Silliman Medical Center as of this writing Friday even as his condition is said to remain critical unless some positive development ensues. A whole section of the SUMC third floor was on lock down, meaning no one in and out of the area for 14 days minimum.

The good news is:  doctors cited statistics that 80% of the COVID19 cases survive. It just now depends on the kind of hospital management, and the condition of the immune system of the patient which vary.


In view of the definite advent of COVID19, Dumaguete Mayor Felipe Remollo and Gov Roel Degamo ordered a suspension of classes, domestic  sea and air travel — including to and from Manila per order of the President. Also included are the ban on all public, sports and crowd related events.  Read the executive orders of the mayor and governor elsewhere in this issue for details.

Also ordered was the suspension of remaining class days in both public and private schools; suspension of all provincial, regional sports events; and the ban on the holding of graduations and other school related activities  until further notice. This is so as not to unnecessarily contaminate children. But records show, no children were hit by the virus only older people.


The task force headed by Dr Lieland Estacion, provincial health officer; and Dr Jun Villamor of the Dept of Health region 7 did not identify the patient who was described  by his superior as a public legislative official of a northern town who came from the Phil Councilors League  PCL  national convention  last week who is 61 years old and had a recent kidney transplant. Media knows patient’s  name but is withheld upon doctors request.

The patient found positive at SUMC earlier  checked in at the ACE hospital but was referred and brought by ACE ambulance  to the Silliman Medical Center. The SUMC claimed there was no thorough  patient endorsement so that they did not know it was a COVID19 suspect.

When the condition of the patient worsened, it was later discovered that he had COVID19  after further tests. Thus, the whole section of the SUMC 3RD floor was locked down with 14 medical staff who were in contact with the patient; they are  being quarantined in the same floor, and all ICU UNITs as well at least for the next 14 days.


For accuracy: hereunder is the Statement of the Silliman Medical Center thru its president Dr Roberto Montebon who texted the CHRONICLE saying “ .,…we have said our piece. If there is a need to investigate  that will need to be later. We need to put all our hands on deck to address the issue.” Hereunder is  Montebon’s Statement in behalf of      SUMC:


At 2:35 AM yesterday, March 10, 2020, a patient of ACE Dumaguete Doctors Hospital was transferred to the Silliman University Medical Center (SUMC). While the transfer of one patient to another hospital usually happens for better management care, they may have been a lapse in the manner this particular patient was transferred there being no full   disclosure and transparency on the condition of the patient to the receiving hospital.

The patient was transferred in the wee hours of the morning with the suspect condition of the patient not fully disclosed to the SUMC staff. This patient, with a history of being in the Greenhills, San Juan area within the last two (2) weeks, is  one that is now manage with severe acute respiratory infection in our ICU . As such, this patient is considered as a patient Under Investigation (PUI) for Covid-19 following DOH guidelines and protocols.

To err on the side of caution, SUMC immediately instituted stringent measures following the principles of isolation, containment, and crowd control. As of noon yesterday, no new admissions to the ICU will be entertained in the meantime. If really necessary, ICU-bound patients will be referred to other hospitals. All staff and watchers taking care of current ICU patients are on Hospital-imposed quarantine as a preventive measure. All of them have been provided with adequate sleeping quarters, meals, etc. for the duration of the quarantine.

The subject patient is being tested for Covid-19 with result expected to come out in the next two (2) to four (4) days. SUMC is hoping and praying for the best, but preparing for the worst.

We are making sure that the rest of the Hospital functions normally as we are aware of the critical medical and health services that people in our community need. We, therefore, urge everyone to have yourselves properly screened when coming to SUMC and to fully and truthfully disclose your health condition especially if you have a history of travel in affected areas and/or have been in close contact with positive Covid-19 patients so that our healthcare workers can properly refer you for appropriate care and management. If within the Hospital premises, please be mindful of the new protocols and advisories issued from time-to-time. Continue to practice proper personal hygiene like regular and correct hand washing and/or hand sanitation, avoid touching your face especially when you come into contact with public surfaces, practice cough etiquette, etc. Please refer to the WHO, DOH, and SUMC guidelines on these matters.

In a situation like this, we urge everyone to rally together to keep our community safe and healthy. Let us heed rational and official advisories and remain calm and not be afraid for as the saying goes “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself..

We thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation. We especially thank our brave and dedicated staff who are willing to take not just an extra mile, but several miles, to make sure that our community is safe and secure from any health and medical threats.

Silliman University Medical Center has been and will continue to cooperate with the Department of Health and the local government on the efforts to monitor and control the spread of Covid-19.(R. SOROTE)