Covid-19 pendemic: man’s new desert journey

MANILA – With still no available vaccine against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), a member of a clergy underscored the theological significance of the deadly plague during this perilous era.

In a statement, Rev. Fr. Carlos V. Reyes of the Our Lady of Fatima Parish said it is time “to reevaluate our lives” by pleading for God’s mercy and compassion to stop the pandemic.

“This time of pandemic and lockdown is forcing us to re-evaluate our lives and our value system,” said Fr. Reyes on his thoughts about Covid-19 that practically brought the world on its knees affecting the economy and the health of mankind.

The virus has spread in 196 countries, infecting some 4.7 million people and resulting in over 313,000 deaths.

He said medical experts around the world have not yet found a vaccine to combat the deadly Covid- 19.

“In this uncertain time, let us embrace the Cross of Jesus as Jesus alone saves. God is in control,” Fr. Reyes said.

He cited the triumph of Jesus during His passion on the Cross in Calvary when Christ overcame the devil’s temptations which he referred to as “the Three Temptations of Jesus and the Era of Covid-19”.

The coronavirus pandemic prompted governments in various parts of the world to impose lockdowns and ordered the mandatory wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of the highly infectious disease.

“This time of pandemic and the resulting quarantine and lockdown is our particular time in history when God is leading the whole world in the desert,” Fr. Reyes said, apparently referring to the empty streets, shopping malls, restaurants, and other establishments due to Covid-19.