COVID-19 kills 2 in Negros Oriental

FRONTLINES BATTLE TO SAVE PATIENT’S LIFE—Frontliners, doctors, nurses, and other hospital stakeholders burn their energies to save COVID Patients. Some of them reach the point of exhaustion. They have all our sympathies and support because without them, who will help the COVID infected patients? Sorry to hear that the medical school here has pulled out their medical students obviously because they need parental consent to immerse in this crucial undertaking.

Negros Oriental – This month, two victims of COVID-19 succumbed to the deadly global virus here in Dumaguete.

The latest one was a woman, who died last March 24 was the sister in law of the first victim who died at the Silliman Medical Center hospital.  And her husband, also from Tayasan, the brother of the councilor who died is now on ventilator.  The ambulance driver who drove them to the hospital is also under isolation.

Within 24 hours, two women died on Wednesday, March 25, one was a businesswoman who worked in Manila who  came to consult a physician in Dumaguete with her husband, and other a self-employed woman. The bad news is that they died before their swab tests could arrive from the manila RITM institute. They were PUIs when they died.

UPDATE: Their test returned negative for COVID-19, yesterday, March 28, 2020.

This is the consequence of transport lockdown from all over. While we might have one thing, we could not facilitate transport.  We should now rely on email and the internet.

A sensible suggestion if it does not violate DOH protocol is that names should be mentioned so that the neighbors and friends who contacted the patient will be made aware and initiate corrective measures. We are sure that the patient earlier had contacted people, so how will these people take pre-emptive action if he or she does not know whom he or she contacted.

So far the best way to combat the decease is not to go near its possible sources, in short, just stay home and do not touch anything from the outside of your house and those from the outside, maintain a 2 meter social distance from everyone if possible.

The local government units are now implementing the latest health directive dated Wednesday March 25, from the provincial capital with the following highlights. Let me just summarize the latest amended directive especially to market goers who will buy food from the market.