Convention, shows, events our kind of tourism here | DumaGeTmE


DUMAGUETE CITY – We should be able to concoct our own brand of tourism in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental aside form the traditional sightseeings and tours. | DUMAGETME

One such option is to maximize our penchant of hosting big size conventions.

Our recent hosting of the national schools press conference where 5000 student editors and writers gathered here for there days . With a registration of P4000 per head, easily our local economy got around P15-million pesos in three days.

That is not peanuts.

And how many national medium and large events of sports and religious festivals were held lately? Not only that, the hosting of national conventions is now prevalent since we are a university town which is a given. | DUMAGETME

Let our organizers strive to invite conventions here for three or four days to a week to be hosted by local stakeholders.

As a sidelight to the national students press conference here. We take a side stop in exposing some irregularities which I is”for the good of the service.”

Notice that some schools who want to compete in the big league prefer to give the job to professionals rather than let the students work on their year book or school paper for instance. Sec Lingling Briones was apparently shocked when we told her about some school.

It will cost millions to produce a giant year-book for the graduating class. But mind you, some are works of professionals not by students.

It’s just like letting law students or researchers Write or draft bills and ordinances for the “lawmakers “ who have the ideas, but not the expertise. | DUMAGETME

Our Bohol counterparts commented that Dumaguete even has more foreigners and tourists than Bohol. The influx of foreigners has caused the opening of new restaurants and places of entertainment too.

Our record as among the best retirement places in the world has encouraged the influx of many tourists. Not because we have superb tourist spots (although admittedly we have so many undeveloped, good ones.) but because we have super amenities like an English-speaking community; so many good affordable apartments for rent; we as the haven of retirees;

The Chinese, Koreans are all over. AT the super markets, you see hoards of them shopping.

From fake news, we now have a resurgence of fake land claimants. The four killed in the Siaton farm of the Vicentes, are they legitimate claimants?

There is a syndicate of experts in manipulating documetns as to indicate a person as an indigent tenant-claimants. With the collusion of some government agencies, they manage to legitimize the fake claims.

After successfully getting the land for a cheap price payable to the Landbank, it is now time to pay ones loans. And the big bang is those fake claimants have already arranged for buyers of their “rights to till” and they just disappear after money changes hands. Then the syndicate goes to other places or organize.

The great evangelist in Billy Graham has passed away last Thursday. For who has not heard bout the reverend pastor.

But his legacy will live one because modern technology enables present people to listen to his preaching’s even decades ago.