Continue Odds & Evens


Our policy makers at the City Coun-cil should consider advising the city mayor in continuing the laudable  scheme of tricycles travelling on ODDs and EVENs  alternately during the entire week and months even beyond the COVID days.

While this odds and evens are said to last only during the Covid pandemic period, we say it should last a lifetime for the following reasons:

First, by  we  ODDS mean tricycle side car  numbers ending 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, operating on Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun and by EVENS we mean tricycle sidecar  numbers ending 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 operating on Tue-Thurs-Sat-Sun ; Sundays allow both odds and evens to operate, even as many will opt to rest on this day.

Second, if ODDs and EVENs run to pickup passengers  alternately  thrice a week , this will lessen the tricyle traffic congestion in the city by half benefiting 150,000 happy citizens compared to too many   2,500 tricycle drivers  running a the same time of day.

By ODDs & EVENs   it will lessen tricycles in the streets and at the same time, increase the income  of plying  tricycle drivers because then they will be serving the whole populace with only half their number of units  a better chance of getting a ride   at a given time.   Then the next batch of EVENs  will take over the ODDs   for the next three days in the week.

In this manner, nothing could even make us commuters happier and more satisfied.

If only 1,250 tricycles will ply the streets each day, how happy will both the 100,000 commuters to  be  able to easily get  a  ride with    only the 1,250 tricycle drivers be  ply ing the streets, thus   there will be a tremendous ease in the traffic situation, and at the same time….ergo…the drivers will raise their daily income ;  there  being less traffic and better service.

We urge the city council to adopt  the ODDs  & EVENs policy of tricycle deployment in the city even beyond COVID days   because by doing so three birds will be hit with one stone:   …… tricycle drivers will be getting more income,  even as streets will be half empty of tricycles, and most of all the public will be happy and grateful as they will remember their councilors  come  re-election day.