Co-submission: secret to a healthy marriage


Tim was a devout Christian trying to build his new marriage on biblical principles, and he wanted to be the “head” of the home – “The husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church” (Eph. 5:23). Tim interpreted this statement to mean literally that it was his job to be the boss of his wife. And it was her job to be submissive to his demands. Tim’s wife, however, didn’t see things that way because she lived in the twentieth century, not the first. She saw herself, understandably, as an equal partner in the marriage.

It never seemed to occur to Tim that in the Bible, the husband is never called to make his wife submit. The Bible doesn’t call husbands to rule over their wives but to renounce the desire to be master. Out of reverence for Christ, husbands should be the first to honor and respect their wives.

A healthy marriage is built on a mutual desire to submit one’s needs to the other. Without mutual submission, every marriage will eventually father. The key is understanding that submission is a twoway street in marriage. – Les Parrott

Submitting doesn’t mean that you tolerate abuse or neglect. – Barbarra Rainey

Character check

Our first calling in life is to submit ourselves to God. But he has given us to each other to show us what submission really costs. Ask yourself if you’re submitted to your husband.