City to discipline unruly foreigners

Unruly Foreigners Expats in Dumaguete City
A Swedish man takes a drink while being questioned about kicking a dog during a daytime drinking city in Dumaguete. Picture from the Head Up Dumaguete Facebook page.

DUMAGUETE CITY – While the government will close Boracay for unsanitary practices, the city will start a campaign against unruly foreigners who tend to destroy the moral fiber of our community.

Dumaguete City officials are prepared not only to penalize abusive and unruly foreigners but also to expel them from the city and the country.

City Councilors Michael Bandal, Karissa Tolentino-Maxino and Lilani Ramon recounted several incidents involving foreigners who acted as if they are above the law. A number of foreigners are defiant and are inclined to curse at law enforcers or malign the city and country.

Councilor Alan Gel Cordova said that the City Council is well within its power to pass a resolution declaring misbehaving aliens as persona non grata to be forwarded to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

Bandal said that enforcers of the discipline zone have apprehended foreign nationals for traffic violations or of illegal parking manifested zero respect to local and national laws including the men and women enforcing them.

Maxino also shared the experience of his father with an arrogant foreign national. Meanwhile, Councilor Ramon also received a report that members of the Anti-indecency Board that several foreigners, who were allegedly with minor girls, also acted arrogantly against the local when their photos were taken with the minors while inside a restaurant along Rizal Boulevard.

Councilor Cordova stressed that a strong message must be sent to all foreign nationals in the City of Gentle People, that since they are guests here, they must always abide by the rules and must not behave like royalty. Worse, some foreigners treat Filipinos as slaves or even sex slaves.

He noted that when Filipinos go abroad, they would try their best to behave and comply with laws of the foreign country. Hence, he declares support to any move that would result in the deportation of aliens found undesirable for taking advantage of the country and the people’s kindness.