City to acquire 14 heavy equipment

DUMAGUETE CITY – All new heavy equipment  to be bought by the City Government will not only “look like brand new” but these will be totally brand new through and through. If only to erase the old stigma of the past.

In a bid to improve the quality of public works, the city government has appropriated P43.6 million to purchase brand new heavy equipment to replace the aging fleet currently used by the engineering department.

It was not immediately know if these equipment will be bought on cash basis or, via a loan. This debt-free city of Dumaguete has an approved credit line of P4-Billion.

Incidentally and just for the record, those equipment which were criticized for being bought second hand, outlasted the other equipment  bought after eighteen years.

Based on the recommendation of the City Engineer’s Office, Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo has specifically requested the procurement of the following brand new items: hydraulic excavator, crawler type and wheel type; six wheeler dump truck, 10-wheeler dump truck; crawler type bulldozer, 2 units of front end payloader, 2 units of 6-wheeler mini dump truck;  pneumatic jackhammer with air compressor and 4 units of one-bagger concrete mixer.

These brand new equipment will be utilized in all infrastructure projects both the city and barangay and in case of repair and rehabilitation in the event of calamities.

At present, many of the heavy equipment currently used by the engineering department are more than 8-15 years old and their maintenance and repair costs the city significant amounts of funds that it would be prudent to purchase brand new units.

Mayor Remollo was pleased to note that despite the unfounded accusations, the heavy equipment purchased some fifteen years ago remain in good working condition, which proves that these were brand new units when they were purchased.