City scores Dumaguete City Water District for “lack of transparency”

DUMAGUETE CITY – Despite the repeated invitations of the City Council, the General Manager and Board of Directors of the Dumaguete City Water District are not about to oblige the legislators.

City Councilors crossed parties to decry the seeming lack of transparency of DCWD, which after all is a Government Owned and Controlled Corporation invested with public trust.

Councilor Agustin Miguel Perdices reminds Dumaguete City Water District (DCWD), that its refusal to answer questions will short change the causes they claim to espouse to the detriment of the consumers, the citizenry, which after all has sovereignty over government officials including those in the water district.

Perdices, like his colleagues wants to meticulously study the proposed JV agreement, not only as an elected official but as a consumer too.

Councilor Estanislao Alviola urged DCWD to refrain from ignoring the invitations and explain to the public the full details of the proposed JV agreement.

For his part, Councilor Joe Kenneth Arbas deplored the fact that GM Dicen and the directors intend to bind Dumaguete City Water District with an agreement privatizing it for the next 25 years.

Perdices is also unconvinced of DCWD’s reason for entering a JV agreement instead of contracting a bank loan when lending institutions do not put emphasis on the assets of the borrower but on its profitability, income potential, cash flows etc., which DCWD can obviously guarantee since as a monopoly it has a captured market. No other water concessionaire exists in Dumaguete that could potentially rival DCWD.

But in yet another letter-reply rejecting the invitation to attend the session to answer questions related to the proposed joint venture agreement with MetroPac Water Investment Corporation, Dumaguete City Water District officials led by GM Esperato Dicen said that they wanted to see first the copy of the proposed legislation relating to the JV agreement.

Dicen and the Board of Directors also stressed that it will also “seek the guidance of the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel and the Public-Private Partnership Center of the Philippines on the information it can share with third parties prior to the competitive challenge.”


Water district control?

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