City mulls rules in the use of drones

Citing the possibility that drones may intrude into a person’s right to privacy and to guard against voyeurism, SangguniangKabataan Federation President and ex-officio City Councilor Lei Marie Danielle M. Tolentino is proposing the regulation in its use within the city’s territory.

Observers note the increasing number of drones operated to cover events and to conduct surveillance operations in the city. There is also a rising concern on the possibility that the drones can cause accidents or destruction if it crashes or when it interferes airport operations.

The proposed ordinance, co-authored by Councilor Karissa Faye Tolentino-Maxino, will impose fines as penalties for persons of up to P 10, 000 who will misuse drones in violation of the prohibited acts as provided in the measure.

Large drones and those used for commercial purposes are required to secure An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines or CAAP.

Under the proposed ordinance, the following are considered prohibited act: No drone shall be flown over privately-owned residential real property without the express consent of the owner of such residential real property; No person shall possess or operate a weaponized drone; No person shall use a drone to view, photograph, film or make video or other recordings of another person without the knowledge and consent of such other person under circumstances where such person has a reasonable expectation of privacy; No person shall use a drone to access or collect information stored or transmitted in digital form without authorization; No person shall operate a drone recklessly or in such a manner as to reasonably instill fear or apprehension for the safety of other persons; No person shall operate a drone so as to interfere with the duties of fire, law enforcement, conservation, and public safety personnel; No person shall operate a large drone or a drone for commercial use without a UAV Certificate from the CAAP and No person shall operate a drone within the restricted areas.

The ordinance also reiterates that no person may operate a drone within the following areas, unless prior approval has been granted by the CAAP at 400 ft. Above Ground Level (AGL) or 10 km. radius from the Aerodrome Reference Point (ARP) and that no person may operate a Drone in a controlled or prohibited airspace unless authorized by the CAAP.