City Hall pays tribute to slain broadcaster at posthumous rites

Top city officials led by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova participated in the necrological service, Tuesday, to reflect and honor th elife of the late broadcaster Mercidarius Dino Partrimonio Generoso, 67, who was gunned down while on his way to work Nov. 7.

Generoso, previously served as a Councilor of Dumaguete City after the EDSA Revolution that elevated former President Cory Aquino t opower.

He later moved his entire family to Australia to give them a better life only to come back after 5 years, still a Filipino in heart and mind, to be the voice of those who sincerely work for the realization of his dream to improve the quality of life of his compatriots in Dumaguete.

In a tribute, Generoso was rightfully described as a devoted family man who spoke truth to power; one who is passionate in his principles and a fierce advocate in developing Dumaguete into a livable and prosperous city that we all deserve.

Also present during the religious service are Councilors Joe Kenneth Arbas, former Councilor Antonio “TonyRems” Remollo, City Legal Officer Manuel Arbon, City Administrator Doram Dumalagan, Assistant City Administrator Dr. Dinno T. Depositario, other department heads and city employees.

His family, friends and colleagues in the media storm the heavens that the perpetrators of his brutal murder be brought to justice to reassure everyone that crime doesn’t pay, which is necessary for the community to begin healing.