City hall gathered a total 26 kilos of butts

Cigarette butts

Caption: Advocates for smoke-free Dumaguete show the collected cigarette butts by the different teams representing the various departments and offices of the Local Government Unit of Dumaguete joined the 2017 amazing butt race. In photo from left-right: Nurse Hannah Buncales, City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah Tallah, Councilor Lilani Ramon, Nurse Marichu Malero and Nurse Floyd Edrea. Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo opened the race aims to collect as many cigarette butts along their assigned streets and public places to underscore the intensified campaign against smoking, promote healthy lifestyle and cleanliness. City Sports Coordinator Ike Xavier Villaflores announced the winning teams with their corresponding scores: 3rd Place City Assessor’s Office with 1.41 kilos; 2nd Place General Services Office with 2.66 kilos and City Engineer’s Office with 3.03 kilos. Mayor Remollo and Councilor Ramon gave grocery packs, trophies and cash as modest tokens to the winning teams.

Participants to the Amazing Butt Race in Dumaguete collected more than 26 kilos of cigarette butts in just a matter of two hours along the route from downtown area to Looc, Piapi, Bantayan and back to the Quezon Park.

The race was designed to collect as many cigarette butts as the participants can with trophies and groceries as the prizes. As bear witness to the efforts made by the city hall employees, Councilor Lilani Ramon who chairs the Committee on Personnel of the City Council and member of the Personnel Selection Board added cash prizes with the help of City Mayor Felipe Remollo.

From the total of 26.27 kilograms of cigarette butts gathered, 3.03 kilos were collected by selected personnel from the City Engineer’s Office; 2.66 kilos by the General Services Office personnel; and 1.41 kilos by the City Assessor’s Office.

Aside from groceries, the third placer received P1,000; the second placer got P2,000; and the first placer got P3,000.

In her message, Ramon stressed the importance of cooperation down to the barangay level in the matter of waste disposal. For the city to remain clean, we should not rely only on what the environment and natural resources office can do.

Ramon has proposed to the Human Resource Office the conduct of a monthly clean-up drive by at least two departments of the City Hall in specific routes.

According to the Human Resource Office head honcho Dino Depositario, the cigarette butts may have been there for a long time and it was only on Saturday that they were picked up so it reached 26 kilos.