City gains 2 hectares from 48 sets of donors

City reaps regional health awards. City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla and Nurse Supervisor Primrose Bueno reap awards for their industry and dedication that earned the city government various awards received during the recent annual Regional Health Summit and Awarding Ceremony with mayor Remollo and Kagawad Bandal at the Grand Convention Center of Cebu. Dr. Talla expressed gratitude for the firm support of the Remollo administration to the various health care programs of the CHO. Among the awards received are: Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit “Gawad Matanglawin” Award; Active and Responsive in Management; Outstanding in Risk Reduction in Emergencies and Disasters (ARMORRED) Award; and Top Performing LGUs on Percentage of Households with Sanitary Toilet Facilities. Zero Open Defecation (ZOD) Barangays were awarded to Barangay Bajumpandan, Barangay Candau-ay, Barangay Bunao, Barangay Daro, and Barangay Cantil-e.

Forty-eight sets of donors gave the city government lands with combined area of almost two hectares for various projects under Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo from July 1, 2016 to September 30, 2018.

More families have pledged to donate their lands for utilization in road opening and expansion, construction of government buildings among other public purposes.

Lots donated in Barangay Piapi include those owned by the Jucom family 291 square meters; Vilesca Development Corporation, 480 sq.meter; Crispin Patron, 254 sq.meter; in Batinguel, Nicomedes Nilo M. Katada, & Preciosa Katada Acuña, 322 square meters; Aurora G. Pal-Montaño, Primepares G. Pal, Karlo P. Montaño, Calinica Fe G. Pal-Roleda, 10, 000 square meters for school site; Irving Malunda, 59 sq.m; in Cantil-e, Sarono family, 738 square meters; Alexander Zamora, 106 sq.m; Flordelisa O. Fanelli, 333 sq.m; in Junob, Illuminada Aragones, 274 sq.m and Maribec F. Ruiz, Ruby Maria R. Tayko, 359 sq.m; in Taclobo, Ikuko M. Canlas, Marika Regina M. Canlas, Madonna Theresa M. Canlas, 1, 569 sq.m; Cesar Culi, 27 sq.m; Pureza Sogocio, 117 sq.m; Diana Veronica T. Berghiem, 46 sq.m; Rosalie Ong, 30 sq.m; Rosalinda R. Quiqui, 36 sq.m; Carmen R. Amor, Rodolfo R. Amor, Fe R. Amor-Gayo, Ernesto R. Amor, Catherine Amor-Patron, 2, 936 sq.m; in Talay, Sabiniano Pino, 826, sq.m; Alejandro Pino, Venerando M. Pino, Rodrigo M. Pino, Sabiniano M. Pino, Restituta P. Galera, Luisa P. Dagle, Juana P. Umbac Pino family, for 334 sq.m; Arnulfo S. Pedacan and Jovita T. Pedacan, 132 sq.m; Oscar A. Torres and Rosario Y. Torres, 73 sq.m; Andres Bais, 161 sq.m; Julia B. Katada, Marciana B. Sioson, Andres P. Bais, eufemio P. Bais, Bebiana B. Flores, 333 sq.m; Virgilio A. Macion, 760 sq.m; Marlyn G. Bradly, 307 sq.m; Rogelio Real, 300 sq.m and Artemio C. Mariño and Leonila A. Mariño, 44 sq.m; in Mangnao, Pamela B. Teves, and Virginia T. Laurel, 2, 115; in Bajumpandan, Melon family, 153 sq.m; Narcisa M.Tolentino, 36 sq.m and .Nanetter Flores-Abakan, 1,459 sq.m; in Buñao,  Onopre Bondad, Fernando Bondad, Cirilo Bondad, Samuel Bondad, 273 sq.m; Gloria Silot, 200 sq.m; in Cadawinonan, Estrella P. Chu, 645 sq.m; Rustica Imbo, Martimiana P. Imbo, Marieta I. Gonzales, Hermes Ormal P. Imbo, Heraclea Rumalyn I. Lim, Flordelina I. Ijan, Augustus P. Imbo, Mariza I. Ituralde, Gilfa I. Aristoteles, Myrice I. Bantug, Daisy I. de Castro, Vimmie I. Imbo, Bruce I. Imbo, Keth I. Imbo, Carol Jean I. Romo, Hermo Alcancia, Maria I. Albina,Dioscoro I. Orito, Monrey Orito, Nila I. Cornelio,Leonida I. Aguilar, Wilfredo A. Imbo, Flora A. Imbo, Teodorico A. Imbo, Florencia A. Imbo, Merlyn I. Medina, Cirina O. Flores, Concordio I. Orito,Justiniano I. Orito,Pablita O. Mindoro, Adolfa O. Gajelloma, Rodrigo C. Orito, 1, 141 sq.m; in Camanjac, Zosima Infante, 59 sq.m; in Candau-ay, Miguela J. Baybay, Analina B. Iwasaki, Amorlina B. Yba, Mary Ann B. Zosa, Madison V. Barba, Mamyr B. Barba, Emerson B. Barba, Teofilo J. Baybay, II, Teofilo J. Baybay III, Paulina J. Baybay, Jurina J. Baybay, Teofilo Reaxil J. Baybay, Serapio J. Baybay, Balbino J. Baybay, Markgil J. Baybay, 527 sq.m; in Balugo,  Edna Fe N. Dano, Emma C. Naces, Neil C. Naces, Julieta N. Saucejo, Gil C. Naces, Allan C. Naces, 437 sq.m and in Tabuc-tubig, July Development Corporation, 400 sq.m.

Mayor Remollo is pleased with the increasing number of donors since this would allow the city to provide more infrastructure for public use at the least cost while saving precious time rather than spent in court litigation.

Without voluntary donation, the city government and any private lot owner refusing to voluntarily donate may be mired in years-long legal battle once the former will be constrained to exercise the power of eminent domain.

Mayor Remollo is optimistic that just by showing transparency and the commitment of his administration to implement the infrastructure projects that will redound to the greater good, more lot owners will voluntarily donate their properties for the government and community.