City fights as One


It is the best efforts of our leaders both city , congressional and provincial, civic and religious, to exhort every constituent to act as ONE UNITED Community in this trying days of fighting Covid19.

For us, this sad and scary episode of Mother Earth, goes deeper into the recesses of our hearts and minds. It is not just a physical test. It is a test of our Faith as a people, a test of our sense of community; a test of our helplessness if acting alone. A primary test of how much we become repentant sinners whose Global sins have cast a heavy toll on sinful man. It surely is a deep dive down below if the People will opt to have their own way. Physically, financially, economically, and most of all spiritually.

Driving through the streets of downtown Dumaguete, before the weekend, just to feel how it is like living in an era of Covid pandemic, and taking clear pictures of our people’s initial response, it was not even half the way our leaders and stakeholders want it to be. People just went on their usual carefree ways as if nothing big was happening except we saw and still see, the majority wearing face masks but , making medium traffic jams, and countless of motorbikes being parked all around downtown main street. Hopefully not anymore today.

As we speak and as we write, the Enhanced Traffic and Mobility Scheme (ETMS) is in force on its second day now. Today is also the entry of H O L Y WEEK, it’s Palm Sunday, then Good Friday, in seven days it will be Easter Sunday. One week of Enhanced TMscheme. How has it been? How would you grade the people’s cooperation by then?

The bottom line is simple: the more we cooperate, the sooner this ETM Scheme be lifted. WE still do not even have enough testing kits. How can we know how many are already inflicted? Some have already died here before their Manila-sent test results came too late, their bodies were already cremated. They died waiting for the test results. Is this the way Dumaguete handles the battle against COVID19?

The best way we can do with the instant situation is to cooperate by staying at home, don’t let the virus circulate, or, vice versa, don’t catch the virus by circulating outside.

The more you stay at home, the less chances you encounter the carrier of the deadly COVID19. And if without knowing you are already a carrier, God Forbid, then you save lives by staying at home, away from the madding crowd.