City, capitol GO for poll coalition

Luv thy Neighbor. Now it can be told, Calindagan neighbors Cong. Sagarbarria is hugged by neighbor Kag Lani Ramon together with Mayor Remollo Thursday at the City Development Council meeting where the two announced a definite respect for equity of the incumbent and maintain the 7:5 ratio in the city council.

The good news is , the city and provincial voters for the 2019 mid year elections will have less choice to make among local candidates in Dumaguete city because rival political factions have decided to respect the principle of “equity of the encumbent,” and will not field opposing candidates against the other party.

The “bad” news is democracy and the people’s power to choose good and better candidates is frustrated in the absence of major opponents of the incumbents. The other “bad” news is that there will be less vote with no major opponents.

In the same vein, the provincial governor and vice governor, the second and third district congressmen have decided to do the same. The governor and the third district solon are bitter political rivals. This week they decided to bury the hatchet (at least in the meantime) just to give way to a peaceful election devoid of major opponents.


Mayor Remollo and Vice Mayor Esmena will run unopposed. The city council majority will remain namely: Councilors, Cordova, Ramon, Joe Ken Arbas, Bandal , Karissa and returnee Tony Remollo who takes over Manny ARbon who finishes his third term this year and SK chair Danny Tolentino. He could be appointed as city administrator if Rex Gonzales will retire.

The city minority will be composed of : incumbent councillors Chaco Sagarbarria, Tensu Perdices, returnee William Ablong and Nelson Patrimonio who takes over Islao Alviola who will run as congressman or board member and JV Imbo whose third term expires this year; plus Diony Amores as LIGA president.