City abattoir seeks meat accreditation

For the first time in many years, the city’s slaughterhouse is undergoing major rehabilitation with a budget of P 4.2 million to replace the old roof, flooring and walls.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo approved the major upgrade of the facility to meet the accreditation requirements of the National Meat Inspection Service and to better serve the public.

Mayor Remollo has also directed the procurement of the necessary equipment to improve the availability of adequate water supply for the facility.

If accredited, all meat products processed in the city’s abattoir can be supplied throughout the country and increase the income of the facility.

City Economic Enterprise Officer Jose Ronnie Fortin said that at present the slaughterhouse processes an average 200 heads of hogs; 30 heads of goats and 20 large animals such as cows, carabaos and horses daily.

Fortin also reminded the public that all livestock for human consumption must be processed in the slaughterhouse to ensure that they passed the inspection and quality control otherwise the meat products will be seized and destroyed.