Cities town revive Easy Access Passes

The five cities and 20 towns of Negros Oriental have revived EASY-ACCESS-PASS system  during the extended general community quarantine GCQ  period from May 1 to 15 subject to review thereafter, pursuant to orders of the President.

Gov Roel Degamo and City Mayor Felipe Remollo have confirmed  the revival of the red and purple passes for city residents   in vital food and medicine outlets so that crowd will be limited and maintain social distancing.

This is embodied in Executive Orders of both Mayor Remollo and Gov Degamo as a matter of crowd control, certain days are designated for the entry of out of town or non-residents of Dumaguete and days allotted for Dumauguete residents only.


Specifically, residents of towns  North of Dumaguete, Sibulan to Canlaon City (Districts One and Two) shall be allowed to enter Dumaguete  ONE EASY-ACCESS PASS PER HOUSEHOLD for purposes of buying food and other essentials, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

City residents may also buy food and medicine on MWF days plus Sundays using RED     PASES one per household.


Those town residents South of Dumaguete, from Valencia to Basay (Third District) may enter Dumaguete on  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays ONLY.

Dumaguete residents may do so on TTS plus Sunday using PURPLE passes  one per household. IN short, only one goes out  shopping per household at a time.

To expedite implementation, the residents from the towns, may use their old Q-Passes issued by their respective LGUS as unrestricted entry to Dumaguete on these designated days only except Sunday.

The Dumaguete residents will also use the Quarantine and Easy-Access Passes distributed to them as entry pass for public market, supermarkets, malls, grocery stores, etc.

Town mayors are advised to buy food and medicine in their own towns as possible, and lessen entries to the city.

The town mayors will admonish  their constituents  to police their own constituents in entering Dumaguete City. The ideal scenario is for the respective mayors to admonish their constituents not to come to Dumaguete for at least two (2) weeks if their needed essentials are already available in their respective LGUs. This is with the exception of course to emergency cases, government and health workers and employees of private offices/establishments based in Dumaguete.

General Community Quarantine, “refers to the implementation of temporary measures limiting movement and transportation, regulation of operating industries, and presence of uniformed personnel to enforce community quarantine protocols”.

So the use of Quarantine or Easy-Access Passes is within the ambit of the implementation of the GCQ. So with this, we can effectively control and cut into half the number of people and vehicles entering Dumaguete on any particular day.

Mayor Felipe Remollo said “This is our modest way of making sure that we can maintain social/ physical distancing at the public market, supermarkets, malls, grocery stores, etc.”


It has been observed that on the first few days (May 1 to 4, 2020) of the General Community Quarantine imposed by the Provincial Governor of Negros Oriental, there has been an extraordinary rush of people and vehicles plying the streets of Dumaguete City.

Wearing of face masks and social/ physical distancing were poorly practiced which pose a grave threat in our combat to defeat COVID-19. This could be worse in the next few days due to the ongoing distribution of the Social Amelioration Funds from the National Government virtually empowering the low-income families to afford food and other essentials.

MAYORS WERE ASKED : To obvert this scenario from continuing, we seek your utmost understanding and full cooperation by admonishing your constituents to refrain from coming to Dumaguete, UNLESS, these basic essentials are not found or available in your respective LGUs.

On the other hand, people come to Dumaguete on emergencies, they should wear face masks and practice social/physical distancing.