Christian living is energy-living

There is no way of stopping Jesus. There is no way of stopping His Gospel. He slept while He rode a boat in the midst of the storm. He woke up to calm the storm. He arrived at Gadarene and confronted the devils torturing two men. He entered the boat, crossed to the other side, and was back in Capernaum. But there, a paralytic was brought to Him for healing. He had to rise to the need of the moment. Much needed to be done in so short a time — all in three years of ministry.

Burnout? Rest and relaxation? Sabbatical leave? These did not seem to be part of Jesus’ vocabulary. He was true, pure energy. He just went on and on. Of course, He had time to pray, to play with children who came to Him, to eat with those considered as “leftovers.”

This is the great illness of our generation: We are so spent looking at ourselves. Self-realization. Self-actualization. A myopic view of self. Hence, we are eaten up by our own preoccupation with our pains, our deficiencies, our needs.

Jesus Himself said it well: He who loves his life will lose it, and he who loses his life will save it.

Meaning, vision and mission do not come from within. They come from seeing, feeling, thinking and doing with an outward view. They energize. Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP