Chocolate and pregnancy


Good news for all you expectant mothers: eating 30 g of chocolate every day during pregnancy may benefit fetal growth and development! This is the conclusion of a study at the 2016 Pregnancy Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in the USA.

However, expectant mothers are warned against overindulging in this tasty treat due to its fat, sugar and caffeine content.

Chocolate contains flavanols that have been linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular problems and lower cholesterol. The darker the chocolate, the more flavanols it contains.

Previous studies have also suggested that moderate chocolate consumption during pregnancy may lower the risk of preeclampsia – where the blood supply to the fetus is reduced due to the mother’s high blood pressure.

Medical News Today reported that consuming moderate amounts of caffeine during pregnancy does not hurt the baby’s intelligence. Smoking and alcohol continue to be completely off limits for pregnancy.