Central Visayas needs 34,000 Megawatts in required electricity

CENTRAL VISAYAS – Energy Region 7, Director Antonio Labios said the region has a huge energy requirement— almost 34,000 megawatts. He said energy is not limitless so everyone should cooperate to save on energy and protect the environment.

“Our capacity now is around 2,199 megawatts throughout the Visayas. Our peak demand is 1,860 megawatts so we still have reserve of 269 megawatts—this is normal and because it is above the 250 megawatts contingency reserve.

The power source in the Visayas is mixed. Geothermal has a big contribution from Palinpinon and Tongonan, Leyte—more than 50 percent of our requirement comes from geothermal. In Negros the renewa le is around 300 megawatts from solar.

NO TO COAL POWER: The people and LGUs of Negros are not in favor of using coal. The problem with solar is that it cannot be used at night, so sometimes there is no electricity at night. So someone is willing to invest in a storage facility. Another problem is transmission facility. In line with that the NGCP has a transmission plan to upgrade the transmission like to connect Toledo to San Carlos area— so that when there is excess power of solar, it can be transferred.

Solar is variable. Its capacity depends on the sun, so it is not very dependable because it is intermittent. Geothermal is considered a base load, so it can supply electricity 24 hours a day.