“CEE is a MUST!”


CEE refers to the Compre hensive Eye Exam in which is a standard practice of Optometry in different parts of the world. Ocular health assessment which includes case history taking, visual acuity measurement (reading letters 6 meters away and at close distance), ophthalmoscopy (checking the inside part of your eye or the fundus), refraction (test to know your prescription), binocular vision testing (how both eyes work together), color vision test (if color deficient or color blind), visual field test and others. Early detection of visual abnormalities and diseases can only be detected through a CEE because undergoing such will decrease the likelihood of irreversible damage that would have occurred.

“Refraction only” service is not an assurance that your eyes are healthy. Sadly, this is the current practice. The World Council of Optometry believes that refraction should not be offered as a ‘standalone’ service even in areas where there are high levels of vision loss through refractive errors (nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism). There are instances wherein signs of treatable eye diseases are more likely to be detected during procedures conducted as part of a CEE.

Let us not risk our eye health because we only have one pair of eyes. When you visit your Optometrist, make sure you request for a CEE.