CCTV mute witness: must be enhanced

In a community which, like many others are usually mum, in testifying as witnesses in the ever-increasing UNSOLVED crimes in the city, it is important that the city government must invest some more in improving and enhancing the capabilities of and increase the number of CCTV cameras all over Dumaguete and the SOONER THE BETTER.

At present, the 360 or so cameras in Dumaguete prove to be inadequate in helping solve major crimes especially extra judicial killings.

Today these CCTV cameras are mere MUTE WITNESSES of crimes being committed before our very noses yet, the cameras need more capabilities especially a software to ENHANCE HUMAN FACES taken by the cameras at a distance with less light

We were close to solving of those unsolved crimes if our CCTVs were only capable of enhancing human faces and figures, and able to ZOOOM to the max, as to capture the culprits identities in a real time.

It is for these reasons that if the city can invest in boulevards and shorelines, why, it should be able to help and protect more people by IMPROVING AND INCREASING the number of CCTV cameras operating in this city.

In one similar sized city in the U.S., it has no less than 3000 cameras installed all over the city, and its crime incidence has reduced by more than half.

Let us stop hiring few or more incompetent policemen who are afraid of the dark, in fairness because they also have families to protect, and our city cannot even provide defense lawyers for policemen who entangle with the law.

So let Dumaguete thru its council and mayor, invest more on CCTV modernization because it technology, competence and efficiency far exceed the limits of human capabilities.