CCTV crimes need police blotter records

Citizens, victims of petty crimes and violence, can seek assistance in the resolution of disputes and incidents by obtaining copies of the CCTV footages may have captured the incidents with recordings stored in the City Hall command center.

But most of all, a police blotter copy is also required for citizens who need assistance in terms of bringing culprits to justice and using CCTV footages as evidence.

There have been numerous cases and incidents resolved and settled including the apprehension of suspects by using the footages from the CCTV cameras now installed in different parts of the city of Dumaguete.

However, to ensure that only legitimate requests are given the attention needed, a police blotter detailing an incident, traffic accident, theft, assault, robbery, murder and other petty crimes or lost items is first required before the request for CCTV footage is processed and released.

In cases involving collision of vehicles, the CCTV footage will be released not to any of the disputing parties but to the traffic investigator alone, who could make the conclusion as to which party is the victim or at fault.

Policemen and other law enforcers can also request and be granted copies of CCTV footages material to the cases they are handling.

PLDT, which is the service provider of the CCTV system, told Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo that all the 336 CCTV cameras shall have been installed and fully functional within the contract period or before the Charter Day celebrations of Dumaguete City this November 2019.