Campus journalist tackle bullying in schools


Bullying is like playing a game of dodge ball, you tend to avoid the ball but still get hit. Just like hitting somebody’s ego-it hurts. Bullying cannot be avoided but let us not forget we deserve to be equally treated and can be the voice that bullying is not good to all. (Divine Grace International Christian School)

We cannot live in a world where people make fun of others. It is sad to say that the present world we are living in now is not a great place to be because of negativity that corrupts our humanity. There can be no bullying if everyone desires for an environment of  respect and love. (Rhiyana Cassandra A. Solon SLS-Don Bosco)

Bullying is now rampant in our society. It can be through social media, and its like a disease that must be prevented to save lives. People do not die of suicide, but they die of sadness. (Arlean Cassandra Sapuan SLS-Don Bosco)

We all know that bullying can cause depression. I was bullied in school by my classmates because of my mistakes. I suffered a lot and eventually lose my confidence. I was psychologically devastated and almost tempted to doing bad things. We should not hesitate to share our problems to our trusted “others.” We should stop bullying and try to do good for others sake. (Ahy Mae Concepcion Amlan National High School)

When people are bullied, they tend to run away, running away only feeds the pride of the bully. It is not the solution, rather face the situation with courage and determination. Let us go back to the “Golden Rule” that says, we must treat others well so as to be treated the same.” (Jennifer Mikaela Tan SLS-Don Bosco)

We can minimize bullying by respecting each other, sharing love to each other, and never stop believing ourselves that we are all gifted, and should always think positive and be confident in who really you are. (Tayasan I.N.H.S.)