Camanjac loses P1M if septage privatized

Barangay Camanjac, will lose its royalty of P1 million EVERY YEAR as host of the WATER septage treatment plant if and when the privatization of the Dumaguete City Water District is pushed through.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo aired this CAUTION during the recent public hearing in Camanjac for the proposed construction of the Eco-Park and Waste Disposal Facilities.

Don’t look now, but if residents of Camanjac remain complacent, while they are pre-occupied with the issue of the sanitary landfill today, in the future, they do not realize that if they are not vigilant enough, Camanjac would lose its annual royalty of P 1 million once the septage treatment plant will be taken over by the private company called METRO PAC.

Camanjac uses its P1 million royalty every year to fund scholarships, infrastructure projects, health and peace and order programs. Does Camanjac want to lose this million pesos in royalty? They should oppose the privatization moves of the City Water District, many stakeholders urged the residents there.

Both DCWD and MetroPac Water Investments Corporation (MPW) are supposed to enter into a joint venture agreement that would cede 80% control of the new company to MetroPac. Privatizing DCWD would result in the increase of water bills and other services as the new management will be inclined to seek higher profits at the expense of public welfare.

The agreement could not proceed yet after Mayor Remollo, representing the city government, petitioned in Court, both DCWD and MetroPac , for the court to void whatever agreements they have already concluded.

Just like the opposition to the current proposed sanitary landfill, residents of both Candauay and Camanjac previously opposed the construction of a septage treatment plant in the dry river bed of Ocoy. But despite their objections, the joint project of the city government and DCWD was successfully implemented.

Now, many of those who opposed the project became beneficiaries as they were hired to work in the plant, their children availed of the scholarships and received additional services from the barangay.

If DCWD privatization is not stopped, Camanjac can say goodbye to their yearly P 1 million royalty by protecting their interests on the septage treatment plant.