C.R. germfree basics


You want to go to the C.R. at a public place, such as a hospital or restaurant. You know that some people don’t wash their hands. So how do you get in and out without contacting germs and viruses?

The trick is not to use your fingertips on anything. We all will later touch our eyes, ears, mouth or nose with our fingertips, or touch another person, and inadvertently spread the germs around.

So use your elbow or the side of your hand, or any other way to open things, shut doors, or flush the toilet. Use tissue to flush the toilet if you cannot use the side of your hand or elbow, C.R. germfree basics and use tissue on opening the door to exit. Sometimes you can open or shut the door without touching the handle, which would be a lot safer.

And when you sneeze, sneeze into your elbow. That usually stops the germs from spreading throughout the air to other people.