Breakaway boys pursue principles


The political heat in the city can be seen in the number of breakaways from a supposed coa-lition respecting the equity of the incumbents. Starting in the city and on, to the province.

But we laud the fact that the spirit of freedom of choice still reigns in the city despite traditional politics.

That first councilor Allan Cordova chose the road less travelled by breaking away from a sure-win councilship, by running against JJ Esmeña for city vice mayor. So let it be — and let it be a symbol of the people’s love of freedom.

That William Ablong, a long-tested Sagar-loyalist, a fine bureaucrat, a follower, and a religious leader, “broke away” from his political godfather who made him vice mayor and city administrator is something people cannot just understand . The Church will not fund him either. Sagar claims he was very surprised of what Ablong decided to do.

Many suspect somebody could be playing the proverbial Trojan horse, we don’t know.

Ablong has proven to be too loyal to Sagar. He even writes a column in Sagar’s newspaper, The Metro Post. Many suspect Ablong could possibily mount a secret agenda and a fully funded mission.

By whom? (secret) Never in Dumaguete has a formidable candidate run for mayor for Dumaguete solo, no party, no council, and a full funded campaign. Yet, Ablong is not a token candidate. He is qualified — young, loyal, a good employee, and never had been a self-employed businessman.

Cong Sagar tells us that Ablong just broke away from the coalition days before the COC filing thru JJ Esmena and he denies knowing the reason of the breakaway. Such statement raises a lot of eyebrows. This is the same Sagar who lined up Ablong for councilor in the coalition and he doesn’t know why Ablong broke away?

We want to interview Ablong one-on-one. He deserves it.

Ablong chairs a multi-awarded billion peso cooperative; heads a big renewal movement; and is a native of Siquijor. Ablong is all over city hall. He is no stranger here. He believes he is fit to run this city of 150,000 warm bodies. Many agree. Many don’t.

The only new comer is lawyer Edgar Lintorio of Bagacay, Rose Erames, balik-council Tony Remollo, and Nelson Patrimonio.

But the political crystal ball is round and it hasn’t given its predictions yet. So may the best man or woman win.