Better stop diggings now or be sorry

Imagine using a giant backhoe of the City to retrieve trapped illegal gold diggers, accidentally severing body parts in the process, all because of man’s insatiable greed for gold. Above, is the concrete road now rendered weak due to the illegal digging, endangering the riding public. What a costly adventure.


Ever since the time of Solomon and his mines, from Indiana Jones to the present, the hunt for gold has been going on. In most instances, they were more fiction than fact.  Trouble is, many people take fiction as fact. My kin were victims many years back.

In the first place, anyone who keeps and buries gold underneath will see to it that it cannot be taken away by others without facing big obstacles like booby traps, air poisoning, and snake pits . Or it is all a bluff —— maybe with very few exceptions.

Fact remains that since the talk of Yamashita treasure  dug by Marcos all over, the diggings continue, even until today, even here in Negros Oriental. Fact is  nobody saw the gold.

Ask any gold digger. They will tell you that they will just dig the earth at the slightest  provocation even if false.  And the time has come, and timely, that the infamous diggings in Bolocboloc, Sibulan proved that illegal diggings for insatiable search for gold has even gone beyond control without finding anything….even the financier can no longer be found?  Did she run away with any loot at all?

This gold  mania  has gone so far that illegal diggers—because of non-government intervention——has even extended to destroying and endangering public works in reckless disregard. Even  concrete roads are not spared from illegal diggings below. 

Imagine, digging under public concreted roads! And true enough, the diggings caved in, killed all the gold diggers and weakened the road due to excavations below, thus, endangering the public passers  because  the road below is  now  dangerously impassable unless restored.

The loser is the public, the taxpayer, who cannot use these roads.  And the public neighbourhood is partly to be blamed because they failed to report the illegal activity even if they knew the  diggings were going on.

Of course,  people are bluffed that the diggings are for water wells. But just the same. The barangay captains have to be informed. Or maybe he knew but looked the other way.

What happened in Boloc-Boloc is that the lady financier wife of an Indian national, reported the matter only  at the time of the accident,  when the tunnels caved-in, and trapped the diggers to death.  Then she fled and is currently nowhere to be found.

Question: did she run away with the loot as some allege?  Was she profiled by the police when she was detained for l8 hours at the Sibulan jail?  Can the police trace her whereabouts? Do they care at all since there are no complainants? How  about leaving a gold souvenir?

And now our governor has sounded the alarm, ordering all illegal diggings province-wide to be stopped otherwise the law will stop them.  Well again, as our title says: better late than never.  

Did you remember those   diggings in big elementary and high school buildings and compounds in our province?  The diggings in old church buildings and convents?


One personal account is the personal testimony of a digger “commissioned” by escaping Japanese troopers who swore that he was among those who booby-trapped the cave where the Japanese  imperial soldiers in WWII  placed  boxes of gold along the side of the mountain along the river—what a story.   All other workers were killed. Only he survived the Japs’ scheme. He was told to wait for their return and recovery in due time. They japs never came…  And the man said he was warned of death by the Japs  if he squealed. He was trembling when he told me the story  personally.  As he pinpointed the spot to me, we started using scanners and went  digging since it was in our mountain lot inherited by my father.  Months passed and tons of soil were dug, thousands of pesos were spent,  the neighborhood knew, talks circulated, some military offered protection,  and……you guessed it:  No gold. Ha ha…Next time you hear such stories, drop it. You are wasting time.

But we doubt if the other  diggings will stop, unless and until they are discovered and caught.  THUS THE NEIGHBORHOOD      MUST REPORT otherwise, government is helpless much to the detriment of our environment.

Just imagine if there are 20 or more small and big diggings going on in our island,   as there are many un-reported ones, now going on.

And the worst part is that the illegal diggers are the ones  seeking protection from some   rogue law enforcers around town.