Bato: poor LGU service? Expect folks discount

“In any community for that matter, when  there is a break down or failure of genuine efficient service by local gov-ernment to the people, you can expect discontent among the people and a crime upsurge.”

This was the assessment of law and order committee chairman of the Senate Sen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa during the hearing Tuesday on the infamous Guihulngan killings in July.”

Senator dela Rosa who is former chief of the Philippine National Police, along with Sen Riza Honteveros, called for the PNP to investigate the unusual rise of killing sprees in a specific city of Guihulngan although it has also been observed in neighboring towns of the first district of Negros Orieintal.

The first district is under the leadership of Rep. Josy Limkaichong. The congresswoman of the first district  was not present during the Senate hearing of one of her biggest city jurisdiction, most probably in deference to the observance of parliamentary courtesy where the House and the Senate are two  different chambers, and observing the separation of powers.

But Limkaichong being the civilian leader of the troubled district was expected to issue a policy  statement on how to curtail the rush of extrajudicial killings in her district.

Gov Roel Degamo was present during the hearing  as well as the Guihulngan mayor Guido Reyes including the town chief of police LtCol  Bonifacio TEcson.

Dela Rosa intimated that when the citizens do not have impartial free access, meaning even non-political supporters, having less access to government services on equal terms being taxpayers, there could be trouble ahead.

The Guihulngan crisis is indicative of the lack of enough  local government support. In fact, many residents who were struck by the big earthquake that hit Guihulngan a few years back , have not yet totally rebuilt their homes.

This indicates the lack of enough government support if any.

Another indicator is when insurgency thrives, it means the people are discontented and do not fully trust the local government in terms of provided the citizens the equal opportunity for livelihood programs.

Most of all, Sen. Dela Rosa said that the law enforcement agencies must determine the legitimacy of this Kagubak  which claims to target alleged communist sympathizers and suporters.

He said that if the police and Kagubak have the same objectives of pursuing anti-communist stand, home come they do this in secret and how come Sen dela Rosa just know about it during the investigation.

He urged the civil  leaders of Guihulngan to go out of their way and reach out to the people so that many will not feel alienated form the mainstream ofr society.